Grand Rapids Legal NEWS REPORTER Finally Revealed: Bilingual Grand Rapids MI divorce attorney gives new hope for Grand Rapids residents. WARNING! Don’t Even Think Of Hiring A Grand Rapids Divorce Attorney Without Reading This Article Grand Rapids News -- Grand Rapids Divorce Attorney  Daisy Benavidez Fights For Your Rights Giving New Hope For Grand Rapids Residents. Divorce may well be among the most painful periods in your life. You are dealing with a total upheaval that affects virtually every part of your day-to-day existence. It is usually difficult to think clearly, know the way in which things may affect you over time, and understand what questions you should ask to get the information you might need. Often you'll need another person to help identify the issues you may be overlooking. Divorce is emotional. Regardless of whether you want the divorce, are against it, or don't know what you would like at the time, you are very likely worried about your own financial security, your children, and your overall situation. Futhermore, divorce is a meticulous legal proceeding. It is normal to become a bit lost, confused, angry, hurt, and sad all at the same time while you try to understand your situation and sort out all the legalities that have to be done. Even though it's possible to handle the divorce yourself, most people choose to hire an attorney. An attorney will make clear the laws of your state as well as help you to make the choices which are best for your circumstances. While divorce may seem like a major upheaval, you are going to emerge on the other side and be in a position to go forward with your life in a positive way. Eventually you will actually look at your divorce as an opportunity for a fresh start although it doesn’t seem that way now. Divorce shouldn't be a decision to be taken lightly or made in the spur of the moment. It has significant ramifications that are going to resonate in all facets of your life. Deciding whether you want a divorce is among the most difficult decisions you are ever going to make. It doesn't matter the state your marriage is in at this moment, there was most likely a period in your marrage when you loved your spouse. These feelings don’t vanish over night. In truth, even if you determine you want a divorce, there will probably be occasions when you question what you are doing, long for your spouse, and miss the good times. Divorce is a process  – both legally and emotionally. Legal Divorce A legal divorce takes place when the court declares your marriage to be lawfully terminated. The legal steps involved in a divorce are often frustrating because it moves slowly and it is terribly paperwork driven. Financial Divorce The financial divorce requires the splitting of your financial lives. Unraveling years of combined finances is difficult and painful. This aspect of the divorce frequently leads to a great deal of mental stress since you are reducing your marriage to numbers on a piece of paper. Arguments over money can become extremely nasty and cutthroat. After custody, dividing property and debts may very well be most difficult part of the divorce for most people. It is extremely easy to get bogged down with these kinds of decisions and spend months fighting over them. Exactly how your property and debts are separated is definitely a crucial decision, because it affects your economic stability and standard of living for many years to come. Parenting Divorce When you have children, divorce doesn't end your partnership as parents. For the remainder of your lives, you are going to be parents together. Divorce just shifts your point of view of the parenting partnership. The Costs To Divorce As previously pointed out, divorces have considerable economic ramifications for each party. Splitting assets and debt, as well as settling spousal support and child support, are complicated matters. Attorney fees, court fees, missed employment, can add up to significant costs. Attorney fees will be based entirely on how much time your attorney has to devote to your case. The actual time your attorney puts into your case is dependent upon how complex it is. If you and your spouse agree on everything and you simply require your attorney to put together the paperwork and file it, your legal costs could be one or two thousand dollars. If it turns out you and your spouse agree on nothing and spend months quarrelling, going to trial, and making each other’s lives difficult, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars. Subject to your financial situation, the court may order one spouse to pay for part or all of the other’s legal fees. In addition, it is possible to negotiate that the costs of the divorce be included as part of the settlement you reach with your spouse. Hiring A Divorce Attorney Hiring a divorce attorney is a decision that should not be taken lightly. The only way you can ultimately decide on who to hire is to set up a private consultation. Do you and your attorney click? Do you feel that you can work with this attorney and that he or she can easily communicate with one another? Hi, I’m Daisy Benavidez and I specialize in divorce law. WARNING: I am not a volume law firm. This means that I do not take on every prospective client who contacts me. Because I limit the number of clients I represent at any one time, I provide each client with my personal attention. I return your phone calls promptly I take the time to go over your case with you I take the time to explain every step of the way in our journey together I give you my best advice throughout our shared pursuit of justice I know you are concerned with costs and I will give you my best estimate of what the legal costs could be for your case There is no obligation when we discuss your case. You can choose my law firm, or pursue your other options. However, I strongly believe that you will see the difference that I bring to the table during our FREE confidential consultation. Don’t suffer any longer with this decision. Let me protect your rights and securely guide you through this difficult time… …Don’t wait another moment, pick up the phone now and call me at 616-856-9979 to schedule your 100% cofidential FREE consultation. Or, click here and fill out your contact information  and I will contact you at your convenience. 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